Pueblo Area Repeater List

PARC Repeaters (only primary repeaters are shown)

Frequency    Offset  Tone   Call     Location                          Mode   
146.790 - 600 Khz 88.5 ND0Q Baculite Mesa, Pueblo Analog
145.115 - 600 Khz 88.5 ND0Q Pueblo Analog
146.880 - 600 Khz 88.5 ND0Q Deer Peak, Pueblo Cty Down
146.7300 - 600 Khz 88.5 ND0Q Rattlesnake Butte, Huerfano Cty Analog
447.175 - 5 Mhz 88.5 ND0Q Pueblo (temp) Analog
447.950 - 5 Mhz 88.5 ND0Q Pueblo DMR/Analog








The 146.790 repeter is the Skywarn regional repeater. In addition we enjoy the use of the K0JSC Fun Machine, a linked repeater system with coverage in Pueblo, Fremont, Chaffee Counties. The Pueblo repeater is a voting sytem with a receiver in Pueblo and another at the tranmitter site 20 miles south of Pueblo. It is the second voting system in the state. For more information about the Fun Machine visit www.k0jsc.com

K0JSC Repeaters (only primary repeaters are shown)

Frequency     Offset    Tone    Call       Location                   Mode
449.9750 - 5 Mhz 100 K0JSC Pueblo Analog voting
448.9750 - 5 Mhz 100 K0JSC Pueblo West Analog
446.9875 - 5 Mhz   K0JSC Pueblo Digital MotoTRBO

 A complete list of Pueblo County repeaters may be found here.

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